Help Us Bring the Film to a Theater Near You!

Photo by David Fenton

After every screening, people come up to us and ask how they can help us get the film to larger audiences. There is a way you can help and we need your help now more than ever.

We are currently programming our theatrical release and are booking the film in art house and community theaters across the country. There is a lot of competition for these screens and theaters pick films that are in demand.  We need you to call your local art house theater and request William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe. This would be a big help – the more calls they get the better.  With your help, the film will make it to large and small towns across the country. Help us spread Bill’s inspiring story of standing up for justice, fighting racism, and having the courage to make unpopular choices in the service of social change.

Call your local community and art house theaters and encourage others in your community to do this same. Thank you for all your help and your continued support of our film.

All power to the people!

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