Disturbing the Universe Conquers North America!

Disturbing the Universe continues to open theatrically across the country. To date we have opened in 25 theaters nationwide.

KenOn January 15th we opened at the Ken Cinema in San Diego California. I traveled to San Diego for the opening and was pleasantly surprised by the number of radicals who came out to see the film in this historically conservative city. Before the screening I had dinner with members of the San Diego National Lawyers Guild, including former NLG president Marjorie Cohn.

We just returned from a terrific opening weekend in Chicago. Sarah and I traveled to Chicago with Attica lawyer Liz Fink and our associate producer Tracy Bunting. Together we attended sold-out screenings on Friday and Saturday nights.

NLG Group

On Friday, January 22, the screening was sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and the Chicago NLG Next Generation committee.  A rousing post-screening discussion was moderated by radical lawyer and good friend Micheal Deutsch. In the audience that night was Conspiracy Trial courtroom artist Verna Sadock, Yippie activist and star of our film Nancy Kurshan, and journalist, professor, and Conspiracy Trial expert John Schultz.


On Saturday, January 23, the screening was sponsored by Revolution Books Chicago and the Prisoner’s Revolutionary Literature Fund and the Q&A was moderated by professor, activist, and close friend Bernadine Dorhn. In addition to Bernadine, the evening was hosted by Bill Ayers, Taigen Dan Leighton, Warren Leming, Denis Mueller, Jed Stone, and Dr. Quentin Young.

Visit the screenings page of our website for a complete list of upcoming screenings.

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