Disturbing the Universe Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

It has been more than four years since we started this journey. Many of you have been with us since the beginning, cheering us on. Sarah and I are in awe of your support.

Several weeks ago, I asked you to call your local arthouse theater and demand the film. Your efforts have paid off. In less than three weeks, William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe will begin its theatrical run. We are currently scheduled to open in 14 cities across the country! (See opening dates below.)

I am writing to ask for your help yet again. William Kunstler Disturbing the Universe is a small film, but we hope to have a big reach, and we need your help to both get the word out about the release and help us get the film in front of more audiences in more cities. To accomplish this goal, we have started the Disturbing the Universe Street Campaign. To use a slogan popularized during the Chicago Conspiracy Trial, we are asking you to “join the conspiracy” and help us get the word out about our film.

Our father always told us that all of his major court victories were won in the streets and not in the courtroom. He knew that grassroots movements were the true catalyst for social change. One of the most rewarding aspects of making William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe has been meeting so many amazing and passionate people across the country and building a community of supporters. We are proud to adopt the same grassroots philosophy our father used to stand up to injustice to get the word out about the film’s release.

If you would like to help us get the word to the streets, please email us at info@off-center.com. We will mail you materials to help us promote the film, including poster and postcards. Join the Conspiracy! Help us spread the word about William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe in your community.

We also need your help packing the theaters, especially during on our opening weekends in New York (November 13-15) and Los Angeles (November 20-22). Even if you have already seen the film, please support us by buying a ticket and coming out to see Disturbing the Universe in the theater! And bring your friends and family! If our film does well on these weekends, it will stay in theaters longer and be booked in more theaters across the country!

Best wishes,

Emily Kunstler

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe will be released theatrically by Arthouse Films in the following cities:

Opening November 13
* Cinema Village, New York
* Landmark, Boston

Opening November 20
*NuArt Theatre, Los Angeles
* Lumiere Theatre, San Francisco
* Shattuck Cinemas, Berkeley
* Landmark DC
* Varsity Theater, Seattle
* Cable Car Cinema, Providence

Opening December 11
* Chez Artist, Denver
* Landmark Minneapolis
* Landmark Philadelphia
* Landmark Atlanta

Opening January 15
* Landmark Ken Cinema, San Diego (New)

Opening January 22
*Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago (New)

More to come . . .

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