“He didn’t wait for a movement to come along or for people to support what he was doing.”

June 26th, 2009

From Jason

So hopefully this comment contains some meaning rather than coming off as a shameless plug for a great documentary film…

Last night we attended the New York Premiere of the documentary William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe (http://www.disturbingtheuniverse.com). It was a wonderful film and a wake up call of sorts for me in a philosophical sense.

For the past few years of my life, I’ve often found myself feeling as though I’m drifting along waiting for the right time to do something revolutionary. I guess I have assumed a movement will form and I’ll jump on board. I know that being trapped in the same suburb I couldn’t stand while growing up helped craft this sense of complacency. Life was almost too convenient, simple, and almost narcotic in nature.

Watching Disturbing the Universe last night was, well, a bit disturbing to this notion. Seeing a lawyer willing to put everything on the line, his freedom, the safety of his family, his reputation amongst peers, etc. to fight for what he deemed as just was inspiring. He didn’t wait for a movement to come along or for people to support what he was doing. He did what he felt was right although many disagreed.

At the same time, the film, produced by his two daughters, showed the impact on those around him. His daughters confessed during the Q&A session after the film to sometimes not admitting they were related to their father when asked by a stranger as he had a tendency to evoke extreme love or hate in people with little middle ground. It is indeed a lonely path to follow.

So, I find myself again contemplating the meaning of life. This is a tough thing to consider as it has a profound impact on how I view right and wrong (and all the grey areas in between). I think I’ve deduced this down to the question of whether the end is finding inner peace from which good things may or may not flow (the gardening route) or if inner peace is inferior to lasting changes left long after I am gone from this universe (hail King Missile!).

Perhaps it’s the debater in me, but I’m still seeking that purpose in life that the deep logic of my brain doesn’t call BS on. Something where I don’t feel constant pressure to hide my true beliefs feeling the world just isn’t ready for them yet.

From http://toxicculture.wordpress.com/2009/06/24/a-wednesday/

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