From this week’s New Yorker’s ‘The Talk of the Town,’ Life With Father

by Peter Stevenson June 28, 2010

The other evening, two sisters sat in the back yard of their Park Slope brownstone and talked about their childhoods.
“We never felt safe,” Emily, a blue-eyed thirty-one-year-old with dark-blond hair, said.

“Our father was always sharing with us his distrust of government,” Sarah, a thirty-three-year-old brunette with brown eyes, added.

“Some kids fear ghosts and monsters,” said Emily, who had on flip-flops and red toenail polish. “I feared the police, the President, and the F.B.I.” Read more »

New article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Kunstler defended protesters in Pittsburgh

Monday, June 21, 2010
By Marylynne Pitz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

While studying law at the University of Pittsburgh in March 1970, Paul Boas joined a peaceful nighttime protest against the military draft by picketing outside the Squirrel Hill home of Irwin Steinsapir, a member of the local draft board. Police arrested Mr. Boas and seven other men, who spent the night in jail.

The next day, supporters arrived at a hearing for the men before City Magistrate Robert E. Dauer. A police officer guarding the courtroom yanked the ponytail of one of the defendants who was not facing the judge. A disturbance broke out in the courtroom, and Mr. Dauer ordered the room cleared. Read more »

Listen to Emily Kunstler on Native America Calling

Thursday, June 17, 2010–Non-Natives Advocating for Natives:(listen)

When we look at our tribal nations, we are confident when we say Native people are constantly progressing and doing their best to make a better future. A cornerstone of these efforts often goes unnoticed. They are the silent backers or personal cheerleaders for our initiatives and efforts – and they’re not even Native. They are the non-Natives who stand at our side and at times offer their help to keep Native nations strong or help us to get ahead. Would you like to say thanks to a non-Native advocate?

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