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Photo by David Fenton

After every screening, people come up to us and ask how they can help us get the film to larger audiences. There is a way you can help and we need your help now more than ever. More »

Update on Our Festival Tour

Tracy, Sarah, & Emily at The Castro Theater

Tracy, Sarah, & Emily at The Castro Theater

We just returned from two screenings at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and two more at the Traverse City Film Festival. We received standing ovations at every show, and Sarah and I were awarded the Special Jury Prize for Best New Documentary Filmmakers at the Traverse City Film Festival.

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“Whenever I think about him, I find myself smiling.”

I worked as fundraiser at a domestic violence shelter in Ulster County, NY, when I found out that Bill, who I’d long admired, had a home up there. He’d just published his book of poems and was doing a signing at a local grocery store (true!), so I went there, introduced myself, and asked if he’d be willing to do a reading/fundraiser for the shelter. I knew this wasn’t exactly his forte, so I was surprised and delighted when he graciously agreed to do it. Read more »

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