Alec Baldwin Shouts Out Disturbing The Universe!

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe will be featured as part of the Hamptons International Film Festival SummerDoc Series, curated by Alec Baldwin. Baldwin mentions the film in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Report Back from the Berkshire International Film Festival

Emily, Sarah and DTU buttons

Emily, Sarah and DTU buttons

We just returned from a great screening at the Berkshire International Film Festival. We traveled to the Berkshires in a caravan containing four dogs, two babies, and eleven cast and crew members. Read more »

Report Back from the Marfa Film Festival

marfa_emilyWhile most people were running away from the Mexico border, this past week my mother and I found ourselves barreling toward it. We were headed for the Marfa Film Festival. After two flights where we were surrounded by people wearing medical masks and obsessively “sanitizing” their hands, we landed in El Paso and drove 200 miles into the Texas desert. Read more »

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