Disturbing the Universe Clips on Youtube

Our partners at POV have posted a few clips from the film on Youtube. You can watch the Attica sequence from our film, as well as William Kunstler’s great speech at the end of the film.

The Terrible Myth


Kunstler Film Broadcast Schedule for July

If Disturbing the Universe was not screening in your area on June 22, see the list below for screenings in your market.

Disturbing the Universe will be broadcast TONIGHT in Los Angeles and Albuquerque!

If your city is not listed below please watch Disturbing the Universe streaming free on line through POV here or look up your local broadcast schedule here. More »

Missed Disturbing the Universe on Tuesday night? The film will be streaming for FREE on P.O.V. from NOW until 9/21. Watch it online!

Visit the P.O.V. website to watch the film streaming online.

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